Set desktop resolution to 640x480, for best speed, but this game can be run in any resoloution without graphics problems

Texture filtering in this game is entirely up to preference. Personally, I use 6 with Hi-Res textures for optimum image quality.

If you want full effects (Battle Swirls, burning villages, etc), you have 2 options:

  • Set Framebuffer textures to 2 and set Framebuffer access to 3, or
  • If you have fsaa on, set Framebuffer textures to 0, set Framebuffer access to 4.

Warning: These settings both need a relatively powerful machine (read: about my spec for full speed in all sequences) to run, so if you experience problems, use a software plugin like E}I{'s or peops.

SPU configuration (Eternal)

Make sure that 'Update before accessing register' is enabled.


Q. The game just hung for no apparent reason:

A. There is a problem with Xenogears in two particular scenes: The Dream sequences. What you have to do is go to just before this sequence, press F7, and then press F7 again afterwards. Some people, like me have no problems with it. Others have no end of trouble. If you can't get past this using the F7 key, try using PSXeven.

Also, in the first battle with Deus, it may hang for no reason. basically this is due to an attack he uses. Your best bet is to use a save state after each and every turn, and load it if it dies.