Cowboy Bebop

Cowboy Bebop follows the exploits of bounty hunters Spike Spiegel and Jet Black as they trek their way through space in search of their querries on the spaceship known asBebop. Like any other sci-fi series, it explores the realities and the possibilities of what our future can hold for us. Unto itself, the series is a blend of the future with our present times, along w/ numerous intriguing elements. Amongst those elements are action, humor, music, culture, and of course, the plot.

Overtime other members of the Bebop crew will join as the series moves onward. Amongst them is a voluptuous vixen w/ a naughty mindset and an unknown past, a 13 year-old hacker w/ a funny persona and usually speaks in 3rd-person, and a Welsh Corgi deep within its lies intelligence that is similar to that of a human. When you see these folks, you'd be surprised as to even though they capture low-level bounties or fail to get some of the more dangerous querries, that they still manage to survive living in their supposed home.

Music - 4/5: The music's pretty good, considering that it was created through the musical genious of Yoko Kanno, who usually stuck to the instrumental pieces from Escaflowne and Macross Plus.

Ecchi Factor - 2/5: Nothing but a pair of breasts that are exposed in one freaky episode.

Gore Factor - 3/5: There's some blood in several episodes, some ugly scenes, some not so ugly.

Animation Quality - 5/5: The main characters are well-drawn, and there's some nicely detailed backgrounds for these bounty hunters to wreak havoc upon. ^_^

Story - 4/5: Episodes' plot developments delve into the adventures of the Bebop crew, while some episodes gives viewers a chance to explore the main characters' pasts.

Action - 5/5: The shootouts in-between episodes are O.K., but it's some of the fight scenes that really counts.

Humor - 4/5: Some of the things that happens in this series is just downright crazy and hilarious.

Overall - 10/10: What's not to like about Cowboy Bebop?