Full Metal Panic: Fumoffu

Sagara Souske and Chidori Kaname from the Previous Full Metal Panic series again in this series, as high school students this time. The series spanned through 11 episodes, each episode funnier than the other

Story 8/10: There isn't really a story or plot going on, however, the new characters are introduced in a certain pattern. Most episodes are about Chidori's and Sagara's high school daily life, the viewer would see how a simple event could eventually turn into a hilarious moment, thanks to Sagara's wrong decisions ;p ( find out for yourself )

Animation 9/10 : Nice The graphics are faithful to the anime and shows the characters/events just right. I cant say anything more about it I guess

Fun Factor 10/10 : This anime is probably one of the best comedy animes ( if not the best) I ever seen. Not a dull moment in this series. YOne episode will make you laughing with tears on your eyes

Ecchi factor 2/10: A few naked scenes in two episodes, a few suggestive themes too, but nothing much to it

Overall 9.5/10 : An excellent anime. Too bad its only 11 episodes, but that series is garanteed to pull a smile from you face ( to say the least , that is )