Rurouni Kenshin

The TV series

95 episodes

Rurouni Kenshin is a show about a killer samurai gone good. Himura Kenshin was the Hitokiri Battousai, the most dangerous assassin in the Bakumatsu era. For some reason, that is not revealed till late in the series, he has vowed never to kill again.

It combines well Kenshin's ethic with violence and more than a little humour, and right up to the scene with his nemesis, it is a very enjoyable program to watch. After about episode 70, it begins to tail off. There is a big build up to the fight scene with fight after fight after fight. Then it's all over, and everything starts to feel very mundane, and I couldn't find the will to watch it.

All in all, the TV series is excellent for those fans of action who like a little humour interspersed between the fight scenes.

Ecchi Factor : 0/5 To the best of my knowledge, nothing is shown.

Gore Factor: 2/5 He carries around a blunt sword..... there is a little blood from time to time, but it's all very U certificate if you catch my drift.

Animation Quality: 3/5 Nothing to compain about, but nothing to write home about either.

Story: 3/5 There is a more than adequte story throughout, but past the Shisio arc it's realy quite thin.

Grip Factor 4/5 This series never really made me feel bored, I mean I all but watched it straight through. Then, ep 70+....

:lol: Factor 4/5 Plenty of slapstick intersperced between the action scenes.

Action: 4/5 Sword fights!!!!

Overall : 7/10

The OVAs

2 ovas. 4 Episodes and 2 Episodes

The first is the story behind Kenshin's scar, and his vow never to kill again. It provides insight into his past. The second looks back at the events of the TV series in a more serious light, and explores Kenshin's feelings for the woman he loves. Both of these have much more mature styles, dropping the humor for a much more serious plotline. The drawing is also much changed from the TV series, dropping the cute look and adopting a more lifelike style.

The ovas are good for action fans, and those who like a little plot behind an anime. Both are more than a little heartbreaking.

Ecchi Factor : 0/5 To the best of my knowledge, nothing is shown.

Trust & Betrayal: Gore Factor: 4/5 None of this pansying about with a blunt sword. Blood by the bucketload, at least in the first ova

Seisohen: Gore Factor: 1/5 With the blunt stick again.....

Animation Quality: 5/5 Some really nice, smooth flowing fights and much more detail lavished everywhere.

Story: 5/5 Both tales have excellent stories

Grip Factor 4/5 There were brief moments in the second ova where I wanted to go and make a Coffee, but they were few and far between.

:lol: Factor 0/5 These are serious stories. Humour would have spoiled it.

Action: 5/5 This has some downright cool battle sequences.

Overall : 9/10