Love Hina

25 eps, 2 specials and 3 ova eps

Love Hina is the story of Urashima Keitaro, and his life after his Grandma leaves him the Hinata Inn, a girls dormitory. As you can expect, all hell breaks loose, especially when the girls discover that he's a University reject, a Ronin. Most of that is incidental, as it is really a love story. Of course both parties refuse to ever voice their feelings, leading to much awkwardness.

The three ova episodes are set after it seems that the story has reached closure. One person, however, steps in and messes everything up for the otherwise happy couple.

This anime I found to be a really enjoyable romantic comedy. I have now watched it a total of three times. It's funny, with the usual anime physics engine implemented to hilarious effect! Not to mention mistaken intentions, and two supposed friends, messing up our Keitaro's chances.

Ecchi Factor : 3/5 Couple of gratuitous panty shots, breast references, naked women but nothing seen.

Gore Factor: 1/5 Bit of blood, but it's al from the nose

Kawaii Factor: 5/5 It's an inn full of cute girls.

Animation Quality: 4/5 Smooth flowing, plenty of detail and no real lack of frames

Story: 4/5 Pretty much standard fare anime love story, but done in a way so you don't really care

Grip Factor 4/5 Couple of seemimgly filler eps, but overall it's got a great grip factor

:lol: Factor 5/5 That's really the point of this. Not as funny as Azumanga, but still hilarious

Action: 2/5 Couple of fight scenes, but they are more funny than anything else.

Overall : 9/10 A solid series.