Scrapped Princess

Well I finally finished watching this today so I thought I'd post a quick review.

Animation Quality: 4/5

The animation in this anime is both top notch and quite crap. The cell animation is superb. Facial expressions, sword fights and the magic are all really well done. The problem is that the 'big' fight scenes were decidedly lacking in wow factor. Disappointing considering how cool it was when Raquel-san first used her magic. But orevall it is good enough to make up for this shortcoming.

Story: 4/5

The story at first is slow, but later picks up, but at the same time tends to feel a little disjointed, especially after the Ginnutap incident. A well put together story focusing on family/friends ties, on imprisonment and also (in kinda a roundabout way) mass-media and religion.

Grip Factor 4/5

After about episode 5 or 6 I was always begging for more, unlike some other series I've watched recently.

:lol: Factor 3/5

Plenty of random bouts of humour, but it's not really one of the ongoing themes IMO. Some of the stuff seems a little ridiculous, as if it were meant to be funny, but just isn't

Action: 4/5

Plenty of it, although initially sparse. The fight scenes are well constructed when human to human.

Ecchi Factor : 1/5

Couple of naked scenes. Nothing 'shown'.

Gore Factor: 3/5

Not excessive blood, but enough to make the point.

Kawaii Factor: 4/5

There are a couple of kawaii girls in this, Pacifica herself is quite cute in her own way, her elder sister is kinda sexy, and Winnia has this whole Ayanami Rei thing going on.

Overall : 7/10

There is a lot right with this series, but also quite a bit which could have been improved. Well worth a watch if you have run out of higher rated series to watch