Chrono Chross

Set desktop resolution to 640x480, or a multiple of 320x240, and enable Keep psx aspect ratio, to make the backdrop look best.

It has been said that Chrono Cross will run better if you use a custom fps limit of ~62-65. If you are using epsxe 1.6.0, run it with the -noauto command line switch.

Set Texture filtering to 6 or 4 so that you do not experience tiling in the backdrops. 6 is recommended. 2xSai is not recommended for this game.

If you want full effects (Battle Swirls, Lucca's house, etc), you have 2 options:

  • Set Framebuffer textures to 2 and set Framebuffer access to 3, or
  • If you have fsaa on, set Framebuffer textures to 0, set Framebuffer access to 4.

Warning: These settings both need a relatively powerful machine (read: about my spec for full speed in all sequences) to run, so if you experience problems, use a software plugin like E}I{'s or peops.

SPU configuration (Eternal)

Make sure that 'Update before accessing register' is enabled.


Q.I'm in Fort Dragonia, and there is a large obstruction blocking the view.

A. This is a gte problem according to Pete. There is a fix built in to Pete's plugin. There is no such fix for Lewpy's plugin as yet. The picture below shows the state of the room after you finish in each of the rooms (Thanks to Fou-Lou for this).