Juuni Kokkuki

I watched this series recently on a couple of people's recommendations. I wasn't really sure what I was getting into with only basic synopses and descriptions available. It was only after I watched the series that I understood why they were so basic. Telling much of the story would both take far too long and be massively spoilerific.

The basic idea is the old 'girl travels to mysterious other world' idea. However, it's executed with originality and grace. There is superb animation throughout, the voice acting is good, the plot is top notch, and the characters are really well developed through the course of this 45 episode series. Although virtually everything is given a basic resolution at the end, there is plenty left to the imagination. Should they so desire, there is also space for a sequel.

All in all it's an original drama with action thrown in here and there with a superb plot. If you are out for a light hearted series this is not it, but if you desire a show with a good plot, this is a great place to look.

Ecchi Factor : 0/5. Non existent. This is a serious show.

Gore Factor: 3/5. They aren't afraid to show blood during action scenes

Kawaii Factor: 2/5. This show is not drawn with the Moe factor in mind, but there are some nice girls in it.

Animation Quality: 5/5 Superb quality action, esp in the action scenes. Expressions are well animated.

Story: 5/5 A strong story throughout, even in what might be considered filler eps.

Grip Factor 5/5 45 eps. 45 goddamned eps in one sitting!

:lol: Factor 1/5 This isn't a comedy. There may be the occasional embarrassing situation, but uncommon

Action: 4/5 While action scenes are rare, they are really well done when they do appear

Overall : 9/10 A superb show, well worth the time and money.