Record of Lodoss War

Well I usually write a review about an anime after i finish it and move on to the next one. Anyways, this time its a classic. Ova produced in 1990,. while the TV series were on 1998.

Ova: ( 13 eps x 25 mins) :

Storyline : 9/10

Solid unpredictable storyline which takes place in the accursed island of Lodoss. It revolves mainly about a boy who is trying to prove that his father was a honorable knight and a his companions which he meets during his journey. Going over the whole ova was like going over an RPG, you start of with one character and meet the rest on your way. The storyline expands further on and a war breaks out between Valis and Mormon.

Character : 9/10

Excellent character development Parn ( The main hero) gets introduced to a lady elf, priest, magic user, a dwarf and a thief. Each one of them is unique in his/her own way. All of them had different pasts and different stories to tell , which unfold as they move on. Also their counters, Ashram,Periotess,and Karla are darn cool. especially Ashram, loyal to the mormon king, yet evil in his own way BTW: Deedlit is one heck of a beautiful elf ^_^

Animation: 8.5/10

Outdated for today. But for the sake of fairness, I think it looked great for its time. Battles are straightforward and don't involve a lot of talking ( unlike Dragonballz or the like *cough* )

Music : 9/10

Nice! Love the music score in this ova. Nice battle themes and overall matches with the events. The opening theme is also great

Fun factor : 7/10

It was a fantastic experience the first time i saw it. There arent many comedy scenes though, and you might find it a bit boring after you replay it again and again ( its very long to watch continuously, took me around 5 hours and a half)

Overall : 9/10

What can I say? I am not much into that type of anime, but I got hooked up to this anime easily My current favorite ^_^

TV series: ( 27 eps x 25 mins) :

Storyline : 7/10

The first 8 eps were marvelous. The TV series takes place 5 years after a certain part of the original Ova was over. Parn and Deedlit go together to defeat Shooting Star, a dangerous dragon which has been attacking people. After ep8, 10 years pass and a new hero gets introduced. Personally, I hated this part. Spark was just a wimp. I was more looking forward for Parn and Deed to continue on ( they still appear, but the series did not focus alot on them :/ ). But alas, it couldnt be helped. I found it a bit disappointing at the end ><

Character : 7/10

Parn and the rest of the old companions are still great Ashram and Periotess make an appearance too. Other than those kickass characters, i found the rest under developed...... (/me kicks spark around,...die!! ~ ~ )

Animation : 8/10

The animations were decent imo. Could have been done a bit better, but they are still good

Music : 8.5/10

THe music score is good. Did i mention that the intro was the best thing i ever saw/heard in an anime?

Fun factor : 9/10

At the end of each ep, a short comedy ep is introduced. all characters are in their super deformed "cute" form ^_^. It always make me laugh, i found that part very enjoyable ^^;

Overall : 8/10

Kick out Spark and little Neese and the series might have earned a perfect ten imo ;p