Azumanga Daioh

26 Episodes, 1 short movie, Azumanga Web Daioh

And I thought Excel Saga was funny. One episode in particular was so funny I actually had to pause the thing so I could stop laughing. It's basically the tale of 7 or eight 'normal' (used in the loosest possible way) high school girls. It makes even the most mundane things seem hilarious. Some of the jokes are a little difficult to get however, as they rely on knowledge of Japanese culture, or the puns which don't seem to make sense when translated. These are only really a minor distraction in one or two episodes, and is more than made up for by the copious humour that scatters the series.

If you want a decent plot, I'd stay away. If you want a laugh, look no further.

Ecchi Factor : 0/5 Nothing really, not even the gratuitous panty shot

Gore Factor: 0/5 /me hears the sound of chiyo screaming.....

Kawaii Factor: 5/5 Every character is cute in their own way, but Chiyo is just unreal.

Animation Quality: 3/5 It takes a lot of it's style from the manga, so the animation may seem a lttle lazy, but hte graphical quality is all there.

Story: 1/5 There's a story?

Grip Factor 5/5 I watched this series 4 times now. Twice in a row.

:lol: Factor 5/5 I should really give this a 6.

Action: 1/5 Unless you count Tomo hitting people, and Yukari's reckless driving, there isn't any.

Overall : 10/10 The whole is greater than the sum of it's parts. Go and watch it now.