Cowboy Bebop: Knockin on Heaven's Door

In one of Mars' sprawling cityscapes, a tanker explosion goes off in the middle of a highway, causing massive casualties and triggering a viral outbreak of sorts. A 300 million woolong bounty is placed on the culprit's head to anyone who is willing to capture the querry. The Bebop crew gets ahold of this, and becomes pitted against their most deadly adversary ever.

The movie is an extension of elements from the series, mainly in action and music. There's also some character development, mainly for Spike and his mysterious querry. There's only a few fight scenes, but all in all these are some of the most fluid fighting scenes I've ever watched. If you want action and mystery, along with some suspense and humor, then get the movie. I'm very sure fans old and new would not be disappointing by the intensity that the climax will give.

Music - 5/5: Yoko Kanno's movie soundtrack will keep you alive if the caffeine doesn't. Has some interesting rock tunes as well as instrumental and western tracks. ^_^

Ecchi Factor - 1/5: You can see some nudity but nothing serious, I assure you...

Gore Factor - 3/5: Some blood but not really serious in comparison the Rurouni Kenshin 1st OVA. Though the violence has been slightly raised up a bit.

Animation Quality - 5/5: Some nicely rendered scenery, plus backdrops of areas that looks like downtown New York, and an Eiffel Tower look-alike.

Story - 4/5: The story gives fans some insight into Spike's past, as well as some interesting twists into the Bebop crew's bounty hunting exploits.

Action - 5/5: This one should get a six out of five, since the fighting scenes are some of the best ones I've seen. Unfortunately, there are only four of those, and three have shootouts mixed in.

Humor - 3/5: There's a little less humor than the series itself to make room for the seriousness of the plot. Though the movie does hold some funny moments.

Overall - 10/10: It just keeps getting interesting...