AKA Saishuuheiki Kanojo

13 Episodes

*blows nose noisily*. This is a very sad anime, set in the midst of a war. I like it as it doesn't beat around the bush saying everything is alright. In war, nothing is fine. People die. Those people are friends of others and are important. The story is about a couple who have a fair share of problems, not the least of which is that Chise is a weapon, not entirely human. This causes repercussions throughout the series.

If you like happy endings, stop watching after episode 10, and forget that there are 3 more episodes, but I would still very much recommend you watch it.

Ecchi Factor : 4/5 A little breastage.

Gore Factor: 2(4)/5 This is a difficult one to call as there isn't much gore per se, but the deaths are very powerful. hence the 4 in brackets

Kawaii Factor: 4/5 Chise is very cute....

Animation Quality: 3/5 The perpetual blush was a little annoying, but hte animation quality throughout is definately good.

Story: 5/5 Top stuff.

Grip Factor 2/5 Early on it seems boring, but after about ep 6, I couldn't put it down.

:lol: Factor 0/5 Humour would have killed this

Action: 3/5 Some quite good battles towards the end, but not the focus of the series.

Overall : 8/10 /me becomes a blubbering wreck