Hellsing is the story of a special British department, called the Hellsing Institute. This Department specializes in fighting the un-natural , especially the undead. The series focuses on two characters and the people related to them - a long aged vampire called Lord alucard, and his pupil, the beautiful police woman, Celes Victoria. Celes was turned to a vampire by alucard after she watched all her friends get turned into undead zombies and taken hostage by a rogue vampire. With a single shot , alucard kills the vampire and wounds Celes too. She then chooses to become a vampire to avoid death.

From here the story gets complex, as we get more information about alucard and his relation to the leader of the Hellsing family and institute, Integrel Wingates Hellsing, which seems to have a

special link to alucard. We also get to know her personal servant Walter, whom is nicknamed "angel Of Death" by alucard. From here we continue into a powerful ending where alucard faces someone as powerful as him, or at least that's what he thought... and all this while fighting another special department who fights the undead, the righteous Vatican 13th Knight Order and its representative in the series, Alexander anderson, who hates alucard with a passion.


Music 3/5 - It's nice , but nothing I noticed especially. Pretty good, but not amazing.

Ecchi Factor 3/5 - Naked vampires here and there; with panty shots, courtesy of Celes.

Gore Factor 4/5 - Blood is everywhere, be it on a plate or on the floor .

Animation Quality 4/5 - alucard's fight scenes are nice, and the human vs. undead fights are pretty well animated.

Story 5/5 - One of the best animes I've ever seen. I'm not sure I completely understood the story, but the story is definitely there.

Action 4.5/5 - Huge fight scenes, police squads vs. hordes of undead, but the real nice fights are when alucard's true heritage is released. The special effects in these battles are great!

Humor 0(3)/5 - Nothing here is really funny, its a serious series. It's quite fun to watch, hence the bracketed 3, but its not as funny as other series.

Overall 9.5/10 - This has got to be one of the best series I have watched. I can't point out a single flaw (maybe thats just me).