[SNES]Bahamut Lagoon

posted 5 Jan 2011, 00:42 by Thomas Vale   [ updated 5 Jan 2011, 00:42 ]
I can't believe it. After monthes (maybe years) of playing, I finished it finally :evil:

I was stopping every now and then, which made me take alot of time. And the reason for stopping was the very very long battles. Some can take hours :S . Well, did the ending deserve all the wait??? Actually the last 4 chapters deserve the wait alone. Also the ending was great, but I was hoping for more.

***Storyline (7/10)
This game revolves in one of the outstanding world's structures ideas. You live in the skies, where countries are lagoons scattered around the sky and strangely there is a sun as a source of light somewhere. Two strong empires and union of countries have been in peace since ages. But all that ends when "Sauzer" (one of the emperors) decides to follow an old legend about the man who gains the power of holy dragons and start the new era. So, Sauzer starts a war against the world to gain the power and tried to be the man in the prophecy. 
As your country is defeated, Byuu (The hero) starts a resistance force from the old soldiers of the army including himself. And so it starts just to unfold many secrets and branches into a deeper story.

***Characters designs (7/10)
The game has many characters (Chrono Cross style). But this time, the number of characters didn't affects their personalities. And you can recognise any of them just from their words. But there were some stupid designs really (Cough Yoyo cough). Actually, Yoyo the princess has one of the most weird personalities, as she can't describe her self well (Maybe because there isn't anything to describe in first place). And every one loves her for some reason :p (Maybe because she faints every 5 minutes).

Byuu the hero has a very cool fighting style and his stance rocks. But he is another mute character : / (Ala Crono from Chrono Trigger). So although he expresses alot just with actions, he could've done alot more if he talked enough. (Side note : Maybe Byuu inspired Capcom to make Strider's second custom in MVC). Another wonderful design is Rush -Byuu's friend- he was nicely done, and he is my favourite character too. I think he needed more depth though, as it could've made him way better.

Palpaleos and Sauzer relation was awesomly described through their personalities. That relation, I've enver seen before in any game before. Also I think what happens to Palpaleos at the ending is real fair and unpredictable (won't spoil it).

Even NPCs had good depth into them, even if not necessary, which is a good point for the record.

[spoiler]I was sad that the ending didn't mention what happened to everyone though : / .[/spoiler]

***Graphics (9.5/10)
First of all, this is snes. So don't expect Final Fantasy X or something. After saying that, you should know that this game has the most fluid animation for any snes game ever made. With some cool effects and nicely done back drops. Also it has one of the best intros and endings in terms of graphical presentations. You should see it yourself ^_^

***Sound (7/10)
Sound effects are good compared to snes. And music is really really good, but some are repeated at several intervals, which can lead you to think that the musician didn't have much time left to finish all the scores. Be sure to listen to the final battle music (although it's small kinda)  .

***System (8/10)
This isn't your normal one way strategy RPG. You should really be great to finish some chapters (like chapter 25, which was so scary). Every character has his own job class, which he can learn skills through leveling up. Skills can be used in close range battles or field attacks. But what's really unique is the Dragons breeding, which is the best part. Your team is divided into parties which every one has his dragon (Maximum of 6 parties with 6 dragons). Dragons are fed by Byuu using items, and different combinations of items feeding lead to different dragons forms and abilities.

***Replay value (7/10)
This game like CT and CC can be replayed using the items and stats of your last saved games. Called EX-Play, this feature is great really and gives you a bonus summon that's not included in the game  . Also there are 4 bonus side quests for you to go for as many times as you want to add additional experience.

***Conclusion : This game is very good. Too bad it wasn't ported to non-japanese markets (But thx to De-jap team, it was translated). If you like tactical RPGs, you'll like this. Nice story, cool characters, some how long battles though but the graphics are so well done.

I recommend it. Unless you hated the long battles like me :p (then you can finish it on intervals like I did)