[PSX] Soul Edge

posted 5 Jan 2011, 00:17 by Thomas Vale   [ updated 5 Jan 2011, 00:26 ]
I'm a bit of a fighting game fan. I cut my teeth playing Street Fighter II and I haven't found a better 2d fighter, but 3d fighters are different entirely and you can't compare to two. This was the first 3d fighter I played and felt like putting down 2d fighters.... at least for a while.

Soul Edge utilises a similar combat system to Virtua Fighter, but adds another button. It's simple but effective: Horizontal attack, vertical attack, kick and defend. All the hundreds of moves for each character are done with directions an button combinations. There is little need for your Street Fighter fireball practice in this game. It's easy to pick up, and difficult to master, just how I like games. The weapon fighting allows for more diverse characters, from your wandering samurai, Mitsurugi, to Li Long, master of nunchaku. This game takes a slightly more realistic tone to Street Fighter, dropping the fireball moves, but that's not to say that it doesn't have it's fair share of slightly over the top moves.

Namco did an excellent job of the graphics in this game. The graphics are quite impressive, with high detailed textures and, reasonably high poly counts on the characters themselves, which actually lip sync, although far from perfect. It also features well detailed environments which don't just use bitmaps like Tekken, but are rendered in 3d.

As far as audio goes, it has pretty standard far sword swishes, clangs and cleaves. It also has voice samples in the game which are good quality, and add a little to the personality to the characters, and don't sound out of place. The music is pretty top notch XA audio with a remix of the arcade soundtrack provided for the psx version.

What about the Plot? This is a fighting game? If you want plot, go play Half-Life, Jedi Knight, or a good Squaresoft game. Fighting games have loose plots which don't interfere with the fighting, and that's the way it should be. These games are for instant gratification. The Story and arcade mode will keep you occupied for a good long while, but Soul Edge's real strength is in it being an excellent multiplayer game, and new players can pick it up easily.

An excellent fighting game, kept alive by emulation it has aged well. Although not up to taking on it's successor, Soul Calibur, it is an excellent substitute when your DC ain't around.... or you don't have a DC.

Graphics - 9/10
Sounds - 9/10
Plot - 2/10
Gameplay - 9/10
Longevity - 8/10
Final Word - 91%

My Settings:
These are the settings that I used to run this game:

Pete's OpenGL 1.71, Eternal 1.41, Xeven's cdr 0.93