[PSX] Bushido Blade

posted 5 Jan 2011, 00:28 by Thomas Vale   [ updated 5 Jan 2011, 00:31 ]
We have a thousand and one fighting games. Why should Bushido Blade be bough over other fighters? Bushido Blade is a game that tried to break the mould. Square created a unique game. It has never scince been replicated.

The Graphics in Bushido blade, uncharacteristically for Squaresoft, are not spectacular. The FMVs in the game look very dated. The characters themselves are low polygon with unimpressive textures, even on the PSX. In this respect, most other 3d fighters kick Bushido Blade squarely (no pun intended) in the balls. That's not to say that this distracts you from the game though. It just means that that this game hasn't aged well.

The sound is passable. There are quite good voices in the cinematics and the like, but there is little or no musical content. Something of a letdown from Squaresoft in this respect.
As for the plot? There is one in this, and is, for a fighting game, quite impressive, but nothing spectacular.

Now, the gameplay. This is where Bushido Blade stands up to be counted. In a great departure from the norm, Squaresoft opted to drop the traditional fighting game setup with energy bars, opting for a more realistic approach. It's very well done, and 2 skilled opponents can make a battle last for a long time, parrying and dodging their oponents. It has a few minor flaws in it, but that's only to be expected for an idea which is such a departure from the norm.
Like all good fighting games, this game will last as long as you have friends.

In conclusion, although on the surface not a spectacular game, it excels by merit of being so different from the norm, and pulling it off well. I can't wait for Square to do a release of this on the PS2 or another next-gen console.

Graphics - 5/10
Average. Not spectacular, but not crap either.
Sounds - 3/10
Something of a letdown with little or no music.
Plot - 5/10
It's a good go at it for a fighting game, but still decidedly shallow
Gameplay - 9/10
Superb. A departure from the norm, and done very well.
Longevity - 8/10
My freinds and I still play it, even with the plethoria of games I have on the Dreamcast and PS2
Final Word - 85%
A superb idea, marred slightly by lacklustre graphics and sound

My Settings:
These are the settings that I used to run this game:
Pete's OpenGL 1.71, Eternal 1.41, Xeven's cdr 0.93