[PS3] Devil May Cry 4

posted 5 Jan 2011, 00:37 by Thomas Vale   [ updated 5 Jan 2011, 00:37 ]
I picked up this game thanks to the hype. I confess to only having played the first dmc to closing. I really couldn't get into the second one and didn't bother with the third. It should also be noted that I ended up playing on an sdtv due to various reasons. Overall I enjoyed this game, but it was really not worth what I payed for it. Read on to discover why.

Firstly the graphics. They were superb... mostly. I felt it could have looked better and the seeming laziness with regards the design of Nero was particularly annoying. My girlfriend came in the room as I was playing as Dante and then when I was later as Nero she suggested I use a move I'd used earlier. I explained I was using a different character and she was quite confused. When she saw the two together she proclaimed 'Did they actualy put any effort into character design? They might as well have just used the same model'. I also felt that the shadows were far too blocky. I found it actualy quite distracting. Other than that, the animations were superb, and the backdrops looked quite spectacular, not to mention superb design on the bosses. Sound wise, it was pretty good. The music didn't really resonate with me, but I never found it annoying either. The voice acting was pretty good as well. I really had nothing to complain about, but by the same token, I wasn't wowed either.

Gameplay was good, allowing people to opt for the option of having the computer choose what combos to use instead of manualy inputting them allows newbies to button mash and for more advanced players to carefully select what they are trying to do, and also the shop sstem allowing you to buy new combos and attacks was well done. Nero and Dante do behave reasonably differently, a bit like the difference between Ryu and Ken in later Street Fighters to be honest. Same basic platform, but with enough variety to be different. The things that really annoyed me about this game are firstly that it was twice as long as it seemed to be designed to be. You run through the first half as Nero, then switch to Dante and run back through pretty much 
exactly the same levels. I would have preferred it if for instance you ran through a couple of stages as Nero, then switched to Dante, then they teamed up, allowing you to choose. I would also have preferred it if instead of sending you back the same way, you go a different route, with some new designs and new areas. Using the same bosses at least 3 times through the game was particularly lazy.

There is a reasonable amount of replay value with multiple difficulties and trying to get the acomplishments, but I can't shake the feeling that were I to try, I'd get fed up of the same areas and the same enemies over and over and over and over again.

All in all, like I said I did enjoy it, but it was not worth what I paid for it. Wait till it's in the bargain bin or second hand.