[PS2] Capcom vs SNK 2

posted 5 Jan 2011, 00:32 by Thomas Vale   [ updated 5 Jan 2011, 00:33 ]
Street Fighter 2 is quite possibly the most famous and most successful fighting game in the history of gaming. It spawned more children than a horny rabbit, each trying to improve slightly on it's predecessor. In my opinion, the best one is Super Street Fighter 2, before it added more cartoon style graphics and super moves. The worst is easily Street Fighter The Movie, The Game, I mean why? Why make a crap game of a crap movie?

There were 2 contenders to Street Fighter's crown as king of fighters: There was Acclaim's Mortal Kombat series, which tried to find a niche by adding Fatality moves. By Mortal Kombat 3, it had lost the novelty. There was also Snk's plethora of fighting games; Fatal Fury, Art of Fighting and, of course, King of Fighters. In the end it broke down to Capcom vs. Snk in the arcades. Snk and Capcom however, decided to join forces to bring us Capcom vs. Snk in 2000. It was a solid fighter, but was let down by the way the ratio system worked, as certain powerful characters were given too low a ratio, and some weak ones were given too high a ratio.

Thus the birth of Capcom vs. Snk 2. This fixed that by having a variable ratio system. They also added 4 more 'grooves', which control the way you power up and use you super special moves, a customizable groove system, and more characters than an advanced Chinese textbook.

The basic game play hasn't changed since Street Fighter 2, with 3 punches, 3 kicks, and special moves done using d-pad motions and an appropriate kick or punch button. Snk veterans may find it a little weird adding an extra button in, but in all honesty I never use the middle attacks in Street Fighter either. The 'groove' system is a good idea, allowing you to choose from 3 Capcom an 3 Snk grooves. This allows Snk and SF vets to stick to what they know.

Capcom, who programmed it, decided to do a little more than the plain 2d fighters on a 2d backdrop. They decided to opt for full 3d backdrops, which look simply gorgeous, with hi res textures and high polygon count models, and all of them are animated. They decided to go for 2d characters. This looks a little odd, as no filtering is done on the characters at all, but on a normal TV, you won't notice it at all, and in my mind, I couldn't imagine playing Street Fighter in full 3d. It would just seem somehow... wrong.

Sounds take advantage of the fact that the game is on dvd with plenty of high quality sound and voice samples. The announcer sounds like he was smoking something before he recorded it all, but it doesn't seem wrong like the announcer in Super Street Fighter 2 did. All in all, the sound is top notch. Except... whatever happened to the individual characters' music? I used to love Ryu's and Guile's themes. In this we have generic stage music. The characters don't even have individual stages!

One thing that this game is lacking in is plot. However, I feel that a fighting game with a plot is overburdened, and the developers should have spent more time finding inventive ways for people to beat the crap out of each other.

This is an excellent fighting game. If you don't have a good 2d fighter for your PS2, you can't go wrong buying Capcom vs. Snk 2. It will last you pretty much forever (or until Capcom vs. Snk vs. Acclaim comes out) as it is such a great multiplayer game.

Graphics: 8/10
Good well detailed 3d backdrops combined with unfiltered 2d characters. Filter them next time Capcom!
Sound: 7/10
High Quality samples, but let down a little by the lack of individual character's music.
Plot: 2/10
There is pretty much no plot, but that is no bad thing in a fighting game.
Game-play: 9/10
Classic Street Fighter and Snk thrown together. What more could you want?
Longevity: 10/10
Will last you as long as you want it to.
Overall: 88%
An excellent Fighting game, but no much of a single player experience.