[PC] Splinter Cell

posted 5 Jan 2011, 00:32 by Thomas Vale   [ updated 5 Jan 2011, 00:32 ]
Anyone remember Thief: The Dark Age? The whole point of that game was never to be seen. It was an OK game, but my brother and I were both wishing that someone would do a similar thing in today's world. Thus we have Ubi-soft's new flagship: Splinter Cell.

Graphics 9/10The moment you first see the training mission you realise that this is gonna be a voyage in visual pleasure. The fact that lights are fully dynamic, with shadows being cast on players and environments very convincingly, is alone cooler that an Eskimo fridge. Add to that well detailed models and environments, and you are on to a winner. I was a little disappointed that no DirectX 8 features were used, as it is after all a port from the X-Box, but all in all, I don't think much could have been added to the aging Unreal Tournament engine. One other minor complaint is the horrible idea of doing the game's 'cinematics' using the game engine then encoding it in a Bink. Either use the game engine completely, or render it Square style, don't do this shoddy half-way measures.

Sound 7/10
The music in this game is 'dynamic' with little excerpts for different situations. To be honest it's really not on a par with the great video game composers like Uematsu or Mitsuda, but it would have made the game more difficult if had. You don't want to concentrate on the music in this game. You want to concentrate on making as little noise as possible. You want to concentrate on listening in to enemy conversations or for their footsteps. The voice acting in the game is pretty top notch, Michael Ironside doing an excellent rendition of the battle hardened Sam Fisher.

Plot 5/10

The plot in Splinter Cell is reasonably good. It's not complex. You don't feel you are part of intricacies, just that you are the one that deals with them. It still gives you that worrying feeling you always get when you read or watch Tom Clancy. This could happen.....

Gameplay 9/10
This is the real meat of this game. The stealthy action of this game really gripped me in a way Hitman 2, mgs and mgs2 simply couldn't. I remember I went through the demo map about 5 times just to get it perfect without killing anyone or setting off any alarms. I love all Sam's moves, I love the scope, the fact that you have to hold your breath to aim, the wicked use of thermal and night vision. shooting out lights.. It was all awesome, and imo puts a nuclear warhead up mgs2's ass (Preparation H-bomb).

Longevity 8/10
Although the game itself is shorter in length than mgs2, I'm sure it will keep you addicted for longer. As I said, I spent hours just playing the same level that could be completed in about 10 minutes (5 was my record ). I'm probably now gonna go through the game again just to see if I can complete it better than I did.

Overall 85%
This game is superb. Let down in certain areas such as the weak plot, but still a superb game. Superb stealth-em-up, and I simply can't wait for SC2...